Thursday, May 4, 2017

Why do I need a Home Inspection?

You’ve likely landed on this page because you’re either thinking of making an offer on a home or you’ve just made one. As a potential new homeowner, you owe it to yourself and your pocket book to understand what you’re really getting yourself into. Protecting your investment is the number one reason why you need a home inspection.

When performed by a certified professional like Inspect it All, a home inspection offers an incredible wealth of information. The primary purpose of a home buyer’s inspection is to examine the condition of your potential new home. The job of your home inspector is to point out any relevant details and potential problems a new homeowner may be concerned with. Additionally, your home inspector should offer helpful advice regarding specific home care as well as general maintenance. If you have questions during your home inspection, ask your inspector!

Although the exact length of your home inspection will vary based on the type and size of your residence or property, the average home takes between two and four hours to complete. Although it is an investment of your time, it’s always a great idea to tag along on the home inspection, especially if you’re a first-time home buyer.

No matter where your home inspector starts, they should always follow a check list to ensure nothing is overlooked. Dishwashers, stoves, washing machines and dryers are all common household appliances a home inspector can and will check for performance. Also, they will review the state of your home’s plumbing and mechanical systems to ensure both are working properly. Structural elements such as the roof, walls, windows, attic and doors should also be examined and any issues noted. Your heating and cooling system is last but not least on the home inspection task list.

Upon completion of your home inspection, the inspector should provide you with a time estimate for receiving your report. The home inspection report belongs to whoever purchased it. If you would like your real estate buyer’s agent to have a copy, please provide instructions to do so. Inspect it All will provide the report on the spot at the inspection and will also send an electronic copy if requested.

A professional home inspection will always come with a written report as well as photos. Your report will identify any problems, further specifying which ones are safety issues versus minor defects and major flaws. If any major defects are found during the home inspection, your inspection report can be used as a viable resource for contract negotiation and when making your final decision.

Any items in need of repair or replacement will also be addressed within the report. Finally, your report should include items that are in decent condition at the moment but will require further monitoring.

It’s always worth noting that although a Certified Home Inspector will provide massive valuable information about your potential new home, it can’t tell you everything that might be wrong. No one and nothing can do that. However, for your peace of mind and for no additional cost, our single family home inspections also include services such as a 90 day buy back guarantee and thermal imaging with every inspection!

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